These are the different countries our Flat Friends visited. Check back to see photos and updates!

France, England,Tasmania, New Zealand, Lebanon,South Africa, Canada, Ireland, India,Malasia, Denmark, Australia, Bulgaria, and China.

May 23rd

We have receive many wonderful packages and information from around the world this month!

Check out this post and slideshow from 4th graders at the Vonslid School in Denmark - We never knew that Legos were originally from Denmark! Look at this video they shared with us: The LEGO Story

Kate's Flat Friend arrived back along with some Lebanonese money. Photo will be posted soon!

Siana's Flat Tyler arrived back from South Africa with a wonderful scrapbook and some presents for Siana!


Mr. Weir's Class from Tasmania sent us tea towels, post cards, and Flat Friends from their class.


April 2nd - Megan's Stanley is having a ball in Tasmania! He learned about Sheffield which is called the "Town of Murals."

Flat Stanley in Tasmania on PhotoPeach

April 1st - Flat Tom from Braeden had a great time visiting the Smith family in Winnipeg, Canada

Flat Tom Visits Winnipeg! on PhotoPeach

Malaysian Money is called ringgit

Maylasian Money.JPG

March 25th - Our Flat Friend had fun celebrating Child's Day with the students in Lebanon!

March 19th - Siana's Flat Tyler is having fun with some students at the Cotswold Preparatory School in Port Elizabeth, South Africa!

Flat Tyler 5.jpg Flat Tyler 4.jpg

March 18th - A package arrived from Ireland!! In it were some very colorful St. Patrick's Day cards, a booklet of information about St. Patrick's life and some St. Patrick's Day goodies! Thank you:)

Flat Stanley 052.jpg

Here we are dressed for St. Patrick's Day!

Flat Stanley 048.jpg
Flat Stanley 050.jpg

March 18th - Mackenzie's Stanley is visiting a former St. John's student named Kathryn who now lives in Bangalore, India
indus day haampi 212.JPGindus day haampi 208.JPG

indus day haampi 198.JPG

March 15th - Kate's Stanley arrived safely at the Makassed ABS School in Beirut, Lebanon



March 13th - Stanley is learning a lot about Kuala Lumpur from Max's grandparents
Malaysia 2.jpgMalaysia 3.jpg

Malaysia 4.jpgMalaysia 5.jpgMalaysia 6.jpg
Malaysia 7.jpgMalaysia 8.jpgMalaysia 9.jpg

March 6th - Stanley arrived safely to our blogging buddies in Mr Weir's class at the Glen Dhu Primary School in Tasmania! He went on a field trip with Mrs. Weir's Grade 2 class to Beauty Point on the Tamar River for some fishing and beach activities. We know he was happy to leave the cold, snowy weather of ours behind! Can't wait to hear about his other adventures with the different classes.

Weir 1.jpgWeir 2.jpg
Weir 3.jpgWeir 4.jpgWeir 5.jpg
Weir 6.jpgWeir 7.jpgWeir 8.jpg

March 5th -Stanley arrived safely in Sliven, Bulgaria!

This is what their flag looks like:
Bulgaria flag.png

Flat Friend arrives safely in Ireland at the Scoil Cholmcille in Ireland! Here is their school website. They have 32 students in their school and 2 teachers.